The overwhelming, colourful, smelly, surprising, heartbreaking, exhausting, invigorating richness of life.


Marathon training, week 10.

It’s been a bit hard – enough in to feel in pain and niggle and tired, too far away to see the end in sight, mileage to increase. For the first time I have been wondering whether I can do it.

I am doing it. The best I can.

This week:

Monday – strength, drills

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – speed session – warm up, 2x1000m, 2×750 metres, cooldown. Hot.

Thursday – rest

Friday – pool session, 1 hour, running, stretching

Saturday  – 8km run.

Sunday (planned)- 18-19km run.

Lots going on right now, other than that. Am too tired to blog about it though…..


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