3 steps forward, 1 step back – Week 9 Marathon training.



Pride goeth before a fall, it is said.

Running log:

Monday’s training, the day after the long run, went well. I felt good.

Tuesday – fine.

Wednesday – fartlek. Felt as flat as a tack. Instead of jog/run intervals, it was walk/jog intervals. I just felt tired, and had an overwhelming feeling of CBF.

Thursday – 35 min run, then run walk. Felt good. Medium pace 6:30.

Friday – rest

Sat and sun – meant to be a 10km each day – split long run.

In background (non-running life)

  • Setting up trial for PhD
  • Trying to get enough sleep, variably
  • Trying to eat well, knock off grog, variably
  • Being quietly asked by boss not to be late (then feeling completely overwhelmed)
  • Increasing pain/discomfort about hips/ITB. Pain around pyriformis/lower back/sacroiliac joint continuous. Ingrown toenail. A bit of a shit sorry shin splint on the left side.
  • May have met a nice man……..
  • Baby showers, bikini waxes, giving lectures, housemate’s 30th birthday (kept up till 2am Sunday morning…)

Got up early on Saturday, the beginning of a busy weekend, to do a 10 km run. I was tired and everything hurt a bit. I thought, it’s ok, it’s just the warmup. However, I just could not get up the head of steam. I just didn’t feel right. Irritated, I stopped and walked after 5 km.

I was angry with myself. I am sure you all know what goes through the brain.

Then I thought rationally.

a. There is a fine line between a niggle and and injury, and, being a newbie endurance athlete, I don’t necessarily know where that line is, but know I don’t want to cross it.

b. it is far more common for people to have to pull out before the race because of injury than because they are underdone.

c. I am doing super, super well, and I am due a plateau. 😀

d. Life happens. It’s just happening loudly and quickly at the moment.

Sometimes I wonder whether I am biting off more than I can chew. But chewing is a day to day proposition. Most of the time I can, sometimes I can’t.

I had a good chat with a running buddy (he knows who he is) and he made me feel better about this week.

So – this week, a  busy week with PhD stuff. I will increase the stretching, strengthening (glute med particularly) and make sure I eat and sleep well. Day by day. Giorno per giorno.

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  1. When I was running (geez it feels like a long time ago) I was religious about the stretching, foam roller and strengthening exercises my physio had given me and a few standard core exercises. I did them every night, even when I hadn’t run. I think it was the one thing that kept me going. So, yeah it is normal to have a plateau, and important to listen to your body, and important to do the body maintenance stuff. You have bitten off something pretty big, but it is not too big for you to chew. If I can do it at 47, you can do it at (insert your much younger age here). Keep going, there’s a lot of peeps rooting for ya!

  2. Patience, grasshopper..remember DNF = Did Nothing Foolish, (even in a training run). Also vitamins and iron tablets are your friends. And you’re your friend too!

  3. I was going to email you about your last comment on my blog but I can’t find your address. i realised I was depressed when I noticed that for at least the previous six weeks I had been looking at oncoming trucks and thinking, if I drove under that I could stop feeling like this. A scary moment, especially when I realised how long I’d felt so crappy without noticing it.

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