3 hour long run. That’s what I’m talkin ’bout.


A busy weekend just past, need a holiday to rest from my weekend!

Saturday, I caught up with the lovely Em, who had just finished training her ladies running group. We had a big breakfast and caught up on goss, then went shopping for sports gel.

After that, there was a coffee date that I tweeted about, and just don’t wanna talk about. He was a belligerent douchebag.

Saturday night involved pasta.

Sunday – the long run. 3 hours. I had been feeling quite trepidatious about it all week. Last week was a bit of a tough week. Foremost because I had to talk with a family lawyer (something I had been procrastinating about). After that, I cried for half a day. Everything just felt hard. But I’m over it now. And I digress.

Back to the long run. It was hot (27 degrees at 8am) and windy. On starting, I thought “this might be difficult”, but I decided to apply my work ethos to my run. I am good at my job, see. I just thought, do the best you can, get it done by foul means or fair. So I set out. I decided to go to Princes park and do a few laps, because a. it is flat, b. there are lots of drinking taps and c. I can stash my carbs in my car rather than carrying them on me.

Despite the unfavourable weather, there were lots of folks out. Quite a bit of man candy. Quite a number of DILFs 😀 Always good distraction. I had my iPod on, and entertained the good people of princes park with my singing. I high fived a lady doing multiple laps in the opposite direction. I kept up my fluids and carbs. I trialled the gels that I bought – endura. They were actually quite yummy!

It was all good, in the beginning. I was feeling mentally and physically strong. That was, up until about the 18/19km point. It started to get hot. The wind started really whipping up. I got sandblasted from the track! Things started hurting, and I began to panic a bit.

Then something occurred to me. All the lyrical that Dean Karnazes waxes about pain and not giving up, that suddenly made sense.

I turned off my music, because all of a sudden it was grating. I had to look calmly inside myself and say “yes, you can”. The pain diminished, somewhat.

About 10 minutes later, at about the 2:20 mark, I nearly called it a day again. I started walking. Then I thought “no, keep going, walk if you have to, but you said you would do 3 hours so do 3 hours”. Better to slow down than to stop.

On the next lap, I saw that a tree had been uprooted. This was a wonderful thing to see, just what I needed. The wind could uproot a massive tree, but not stop me from running. Fuck yeah, how’s that? I ran with a few walking breaks, and my running pace was similar to before my little breakdown!

I learned a lot on that run. I finally internalised the important psychological elements of distance running, learned a little of what it was to continue on despite discomfort. To use my heart and nerve and sinew.

A few little issues though – predominantly some chafing on my back from the bra-strap hooks. Had to stuff my singlet up between the strap and my skin to stop it rubbing, so the fine people of princes park got a titillating look at the small of my back.

After the run, I went home for an ice bath, taken with a large chocolate big m!

My run

Now that I have done a 3 hour run, it is about consolidating over that time, the coach doesn’t want me to run much longer than that in training. I will need to ramp up my overall running volume.

To quote Fame – I’m really coming together.

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  1. From strength to strength Cilla! Three hours in yesterday’s conditions proves how tough you are. That’s a serious achievement in itself.

    Try bodyglide for chafing. It’s awesome stuff.

  2. I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly! Top effort darl!
    I like endura gels. Never get the sugar shakes with them and they are aust made and owned (= virtuous 🙂

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