Musings of my mojo.


A letter to me from my mojo.

Dear Sassy,

Thankyou, thankyou for starting to look after me. Finally. It took you a while, but you are getting there.

I feel big and strong and robust, an increasing amount of the time. You have flexed my muscles, and fed me well. Continue this.

The alcohol though – that feeling of mojo – that is not me. That is the fake me. Just remember that.

Sassy, I know you have been feeling down, a bit unloved at times, just in need of a big, fat cuddle and a stroke of the cheeks. These will come. They may even come and go. That’s fine, you will cope. You need to remember, always, you still have me. Me. And Sassy, for the millionth time, you are loved.

So keep looking after me. I will look after you. Make me bigger and stronger, and you will be happy you did.

Here is how you can look after me:

  • Keep on running. You are doing so well with that. Don’t worry that you are slower than most other people. You are getting faster and stronger.
  • Feed your body well.
  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing/thinking. They will think what they will. They will do what they will, feel what they will. You can only control your actions, thoughts, feelings.
  • Let them come to you. They will, don’t worry. They already are.
  • You have made mistakes. That’s normal. Learn from them. Forgive yourself.
  • You have been hurt, let down, had your hopes dashed, and, NO, for crying out loud, you did not deserve for them to happen. They happen, ok? Have faith that things will not continue to be this way. Mostly, remember, You and I, we are worthy, of everything we desire. Things may not turn out as planned, but they will turn out as they are meant to.
  • That stuff you are doing with your hair, makeup, clothing – keep doing that. You are looking good. Tell yourself that, often. That makes me happy.
  • Keep using the body butter. Moisturise. Glow from within, glow from without.
  • Smile. You look lovely when you do that.
  • Cry when you must. It gives me the bath I need. Don’t hold it in too much, that deflates me.
  • You, and me – we are saucy minxes. Saucy MINXES. Boom chicka wah wah.
  • Concentrate on what you and I want and need. The muppet movie this weekend, we NEED that. Keep up that. You keep pushing us out of our comfort zone. We still need comfort, ok? You know what to do.

Thankyou, thankyou for buying me a mojo medal. We needed that.


My love, Sassy,

Your Mojo xxxx

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