London Marathon Training Week 7. Breaking through.


I am getting better.

It is getting easier.

The horrible ache in my back and tightness in my hips that I had in the first few weeks of training has dissipated. My body has started to adjust to the loads of training. I am feeling stronger and fitter.

What an excellent, excellent feeling.

Skipped training on Monday – had some ankle pain, but made it up next morning with some hill repeats plus a slow jog. Wednesday – 4 km time trial. I just did my best and ran as fast as I thought I could sustain for 4km. I finished up in 25:21, a PB!

Today, I followed it up with a run with a friend, 2 laps around the tan. I felt really strong, with no remnants of the weeks training.

I have spent the arvo at various pubs in Northcote, listening to JJJ hottest 100. I am a huge fan of JJJ. I am also a huge fan of Gotye, he is awesome, and his song, Somebody that I used to know, won! The definitive breakup song! Love his album, Making Mirrors.

A full day at work, followed by a huuuge weekend.

No need to take myself on a date, either, will have the company of other persons! Woot!

oooh, and I am officially in the London Marathon. Woot again!

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