20.something km run. Plus attitude re-alignment.


The long runs aren’t scaring me anymore, not like they used to. I am in a bit of a routine with them.

Today, the SS group met in Hawthorn, on the banks of the yarra. My LR was 22km.

My energy pack – water, jelly beans.

before – lost my garmin. It has disowned me.

The beginning – very sweaty, a bit tight in the hips. I thought “this is gonna be interesting”. I kept on.

After the beginning, I thought: “hey, I need to stop being so hard on myself”.

In the middle – I got a bit off track, and headed off down the CCT rather than the merri creek trail.

Toward the end – it got hot, but I finished strong. Lovely to get a text message from a friend, telling me how proud of me they were!

right throughout: fecking hills. Not really a good stretch of flat to be had.

Pace: 7:30, even including walking breaks. 15 sec per km faster than the last 20km run.

After the run – had a bit of a cry. A few things happening. Just needed to let it all out.

Then I went into the city to see the fabulous Phil and her hubby Tom, visiting from the UK. Always a pleasure to see my girl.

Before I went, I was picking something to wear.

I realised – I am having a fat bum day!

How the fecking hell can I have a fat bum day when I have been for a 22km run! It’s insane!


So next time I need to wear the little wiggle dress and say to the world “here is my curvy bum!” Loudnproud.

Oooh, and the other thing – I realised I had no plans for next Saturday night. This made me really anxious, being at home alone on a Saturday night. Honest injun!

So I thought, fuckit, I am taking myself on a date. I will go to the art gallery, then see an early movie, then have an early dinner then early to bed. Owning my singledom. Hells yeah.

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  1. Awesome Cilla, you’re rocking the marathon training. The best thing about a quiet Saturday night – usually means the body is in good condition to run long come Sunday 🙂

    Have a good week.

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