Marathon training, Week 6. Plus the Manifesto of a Lady not in a Committed Relationship


Marathon Training:

Monday – strength and running and hills: felt tired, as I am wont to do the day after a long run. Still, I played the little “will I go to training or not naaahhhh I’ll go” game in my head and went to training.

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday- 5x800metres with 1 minute (2??) Jog (curse/walk)  recovery. My previous time was 5:08. That was one week ago. My average was about 5 minutes for this one – of course, there was 20 seconds difference between those runs into the wind and those with it. It was a good workout. Speed workouts have a much more euphoric effect, I find. Then I had to go to the dentist. Speed training and dentist, I am one tough mofo.


I am not yet comfortable with the words “single person”. I prefer to say “person not in a committed relationship” (ie person first). My relationship status is slowly something I am becoming comfortable with. Perhaps even enjoying a little bit. The freedom is fun and exhilarating. Sure, there is a lack of cuddles and support from a partner, but, as I know from experience, a being in a relationship is no guarantee of that.

Charles Darwin said something along the lines of “the animals who survive are not the strongest or the biggest or brightest, but the ones most able to adapt”.

One thing I pride myself on is ability to adapt. Survive. Thrive, hopefully. I learn quickly. I have always learned quickly.

So I have gone from letting a person under my skin and crying over them to getting a bit of a harder hide….over the course of a few months.

Some things I have learned:

– Nothing is sacred, until it is, well, sacred. This counts for both parties. It is quite ok to juggle a few balls in the air as long as none of them have my name on them.

– Plenty more where that one came from

– Easy come, easy go.

– A person worth a damn will : call, call back, not cancel dates, make you feel good about yourself rather than wanting to tear your hair out. A person not worth a damn will not do those things. Those people are not worth my precious time, no matter how much they make my heart flutter. Their number is best deleted from my phone to avoid temptation.

– There are people worth a damn out there. How many, and what proportion they are in compared to the ones not, well, this remains to be seen.

– Just because the person is worth a damn and likes me, it does not mean I necessarily have to like them back. Chemistry is a tricky thing and cannot be forced.

– Best to treat everyone as I would like to be treated, and insist on the same in return. I keep scrupulous personal hygiene and smell delicious (apart from while and just after running), and also expect the same in return.

– Text messages are nice for nice little messages, and that’s it. Not for important conversations. Not for making cancellations.

– We make assumptions to protect ourselves and save time. I will assume that somebody who does not call back or cancels a date or is otherwise evasive is not interested. This is possibly a bit cynical, but has saved me a heck of a lot of disappointment.

– We can’t have everything we want. Well, some people seem to, but they are lucky. Best to focus on the things that we have, and the things that are attainable. If I want emotional support, I go to my friends, and bask in their glow.

– Sex can exist outside of a committed relationship, in fact, it quite happily does! Having it with a particular person does not cement anything. This can be both a bad thing and a good thing, I’ve discovered. Ponder that.

– Like buying a car, look under the hood. Ponder that too.

– Spooning is awesome. I particularly like being the little spoon. This is one of the few God given rights we have as females.

– Check what company the person keeps. Check that they are happy to share their company with your company. The sort of company a person keeps says a lot about that person.

errr, that’s it at the moment. Anyone have any other little gems they wish to throw me?

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