3 (and a bit months) out…..


So the London Marathon is not all that far away. 3 months.

I have been putting in the training but probably not always making good lifestyle decisions to back up the training, notably around food, alcohol and sleep.

I have a decision. Not a once-off decision, but one I have to make most days up until the big day.

I can do the things I have been doing, or improve things a bit. This will make a difference between struggling through training and really seeing vast improvements. Getting the fittest body I can, getting the most out of the experience.

I know what to do, and how. Just gotta do it. And get my friends/loved ones on board with it, so they can support me.

Having said all this

a. I went out on Friday night, got quite drunk, but had a splendid time. A bit of a sore head on Saturday, but no worries.

b. I did quite well on my 15km long run today. I had some “stomach troubles”, resulting in 2 diversions for toilets on the way out on my run. I didn’t run with the group; instead, I did my own run. My speed was about 20 sec per km on average faster than my 20km pace, and my last km, for the alert among you, was the fastest! I am getting faster. Slowly but surely. I would like to get faster a bit, well, faster.

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  1. You’re doing so well. 3 months is enough time to make big improvements too!

    Congrats on your social life too, you deserve it!!

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