Marathon training- beginning week five. Plus other breakthroughs


So after being the Lord Mayor of Struggletown for the last 3km of my run on Sunday, I emailed my woes to the chief coach, who duly called me back.

I told him about the queen mother of all headaches that I had been having, plus the blood sugar plunge in the car after the run.

He asked me how much I had drunk and what. I told him. In terms of fluid and carbohydrates, it was much less than what I needed. Aha! Might need to investigate gels. Anyone have any recommendations?

Anywho, I went to Monday training yesterday. We have a new Coach, Cathy. She has run many marathons and quite a few ultramarathons (including Comrades). She started running at age 40 and is now 47, but looks much younger. She is also a keen yogini, and has a lovely “earth-motherly” air about her. She is super caring. She took us for some hill reps and strength work. She got us to take our shoes and socks off, and we practiced barefoot exercises. She even brought along some whole almonds so we could practice picking them up with our toes (not between the toes, clawed under the big toe). Novel foot strengthening!

I am a little sore and sorry today – I plan on getting a massage to sort myself out for tomorrow’s training. And Thursday’s long run.

I also woke up happy today.

Why, you ask?

Well, for the first time in some years, I don’t feel needy, or lonely. Not waiting for a returned phone call or text message, or some sliver of attention or acknowledgement.

And how?

I have built up a supportive network of friends, and have spent time with them, if only just for distraction.

I have focussed on the unassailable, stable things in my life, that nobody can take away from me.

Mostly though, the love, attention and acknowledgement that I need, I am learning to give to myself a bit more.

I have faked it till I maked it! I think I have maked it!

Oooh, also, today I have got to work on setting up my PhD project. Mostly by printing out things on bits of paper, punching holes in those bits of paper, putting them in folders and labelling the folders with things. Other bits of paper I have put in envelopes and mailed. Doing official things with bits of paper makes it all…well….official. Exciting!

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  1. I’m not going to be much help with gel recommendations I’m afraid. When I was in marathon training I tried about 6 different sorts and they all did terrible things to my stomach/bowels, so I ended up sticking with sucking on jelly beans, jelly snakes and a good sports drink (I ended up using the Powerbar because that was what they were handing out at the Marathon drink stations). That would be my other tip, find out what electrolyte drink they will be using on the marathon you’re running and use it during training, be terrible to find out it upsets you on the day (especially as it’s half way around the world).

  2. I use a stack of Endura ( products – gels, rehydratyion formula and most importantly their Optimser stuff for recovery.

    The raspberry gels tastes like red frogs, and the chocolate optimiser is always a winner.

    AJH has a great point about finding out what they will use for the London marathon, as you should try and train with it so you are used to it. A word of caution though, not everyone mixes it according to the label which can be a bit a surprise when you take your first mouthful lol

  3. The long slow stuff will also be teaching your body to burn fat for fuel, only it is a slower process and I am sure you know with your medical knowledge that the body does prefer those nice juicy carbs.

    Fuelling is a very personal thing and even day to day can be fickle, I’ve had long runs pass off without a hitch and others where I’ve finished vomiting even though I’ve used the same brand of Gel, go figure hey.

    I know you have an issue with fructose so make sure you read the ingredients before you buy as some do contain the dreaded F. Best thing to do is go pick up some Gels and start testing them out. I love Leppin Squezy but I do have to get it sent over from NZ so you might not want to go to that bother in case it doesn’t work out for you.

    Fuel every 45 minutes no matter what tends to work for me, I set my Garmin to beep every 45 minutes to remind me.

    Start practising mate, you want to get it right before April 🙂

    Oh, and the Lucozade stuff they use at London isn’t available here, try and see if they’ll ship it here, probably will, I’ve had Clif Shots sent from Wiggle.

  4. If you can handle the consistency, I like the Gu gel latte flavour, vanilla is my other go to flavour. Bonus is that these are pretty easy to get.

    That said I’ve had some awesome experiences with the Clif shots. Less mess, better consistency, fewer gut issues. Mountain berry, yes please! Wiggle is your friend here…

    Note that you shouldn’t really mix gels + sports drink. It’s usually one or the other. The advantage of gels/shots is that you can always rely on the marathon organisers to supply water. But you have to carry them. Hello Spibelt!

    As it’s been said above, work out your nutrition now. I know that the 50-55 minute mark works for me, but after about 4 hours I’m looking at 30-35 mins.

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