Marathon Training Week 4, including 20 km long run (Singin’ in the rain)


It’s back into the training in earnest. No festive holidays as an excuse. Right back into it.

Wednesday’s training was Fartlek training. It was hard. I don’t like having to speed up. I did the whole mind-game of “oh, I’m not gonna go in to training today”. Then I thought “hey, what you talkin’ bout, get your butt to training. And I did. The first half was hard. Second half was fun, and I felt fantastic. Also went on a very nice date with a gentleman that night 😀

Then I did a run on Thurs, about 5 km all up.

Today was my first long-run back after Christmas. We met at the Brighton Sea Baths. As per usual, I was on my own. Luckily, I had made up a “20km” playlist on my iPhone, so that kept me company.

It took a good 5-6km to get into the rhythm. Then, after that, it began to rain. Then heavily.

At about the 8km mark, I was on a bit of a downhill section. One of my favourite Gotye songs come on. Though raining, the sky was bright. I felt good. It was the high point of my week.

No worries up to 10km – I had a little breather/stretch/drink at Rickett’s point.

At about 12km, it was a bit of a struggle, so I walked a little way.

At about 15km, I met Brian for a quick guzzle of some drink. I felt good, so picked up the pace (to a blistering 7:10) for that km.

After about 17km it all got rather painful. Not pain, per se, but heaviness, tightness. The grunts turned into swearing (Andrew will be familiar with this). I was soaked through from the downpour and started to get chilly.

This was where I had to talk calmly to myself: “You have only just started training, this is the longest run you have done in a long time, it will get easier” etc. A few little walk breaks were taken. The long run can be a real emotional roller-coaster.

After the run, I could feel my blood sugar plunge, felt sick. I was immensely grateful for the banana I had packed (anyone know what this is all about?)

Rather than going to a cafe, I took my drowned-rat self to the supermarket to get some bits and bobs, and cooked some bacon and eggs for myself. Best thing I have had in a while. Yum.

Then I had a little snooze. Am off out tonight, to a Hungarian restaurant. More protein.

ooh, here is the workout. The pace was 3 sec per km faster than my 18 km run the week before. Yah!

20km long run

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