Marathon Training Week 3 Sessions 1 (Aborted Long Run) and 2 (Sing While You’re Winning)


Boxing day.

I thought it would be a good idea to do a long run.

First wrong thing: bad feelings about it (can’t do it etc), Second wrong thing: weather shite, Third Wrong thing: abdomen cramping with food digested from day before.

So it was aborted at 3 km.

Today, today – I thought it would be a good day to go, given that the weather is reasonably mild. I had an 18km on the program.

Princes Park is the home turf – I no longer get (too) bored doing repeated laps there. There are drinking taps, parking spaces, toilets and friendly dogs to pat.

My calves were a bit tight (higher heels, shopping expedition, when will I learn?) but I soon loosened them up.

The pace was slow. Slow enough to sing. I knew it was a long slog, so the singing kept me company (!)

Got through relatively unscathed – ITB was feeling a teeny bit tight, but it was ok. I didI had a quick stretch and had some lunch. Was starving.

Here is an oldie but a goldie. I sang the catchphrase loud: “It AIN’T TOO MUCH FOR ME”. Amen.

New aim – speed. While long run training is out, I might do a few speed sessions. The long runs are going well. I am as slow as a trickle!

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