Merry Christmas! Plus Marathon Training Week 2 Supplement 1 Cross Training (Burning up the dance floor)


Merry Christmas, y’all!

I wish you love, food, cuddles, calorie-consequence free environments, nice pressies.

But above all else, I wish you happiness. And rest, if that is what you need.

My awesome lead up to Christmas has pretty much dissolved any of the “Bah Humbug” feelings that I have toward Christmas. There is a little sadness, yes, thinking of my ex husband and his family and missing them a little, but that is quite normal, I have allowed for that.

So, you ask, what was the leadup?

Friday night, I went out with a new friend. We hit the Abbotsford Convent Markets for a Taco and Beer. Normally, I don’t drink beer, but the weather is perfect beer weather.

This friend is a good salsa dancer. He explains that it is his “Martial Art”. It is better for picking up chicks, probably. We went to an event at the Hilton.

So. Much. Fun. I know the Salsa basics, but he whipped me around the dance floor in some more complicated moves. My cheeks (on my face) were getting a workout from smiling.

In between sets, I let my friend go off and dance with some other lovely ladies (who he did not have to teach) and watched some of the others dance. Lots of well dressed, attractive ladies (plus one who was probably a tranny). The men, on average, were less attractive, but they could bust some serious moves. It looked fun, and very sexy. The music is joyous.

Yesterday, I went out for lunch with a friend in the city. We sat in a restaurant by the Yarra, eating food and drinking wine. Then we slinked off to Crown for a look at the shops, then had a beer (again beer weather) at the Belgian Beer Cafe. Sedated by the food, booze and heat, I slunk home. I thought about going out, but thought it may be better to chill on the couch – and I did. I watched SATC, ate chips, cheese and shortbread, and drank wine.

Today, off to see my family, then some friends.

More anon.

Long run tomorrow. The weather will be better for it.

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