Christmas – done and dusted.


I did some time with the Fam. Uncomfortable but pleasant enough.

Then I went to the family (the ex-inlaws, or outlaws) of my ex-boss, who I remain friends with. She is like a cool auntie. She was married many years ago to the father of her children, they divorced about 15 years ago. She remains close (in fact, much closer than her husband) to her husband’s family. They spend Xmas together every year. Her new partner of 10 years also attends.

I felt a bit uncomfortable at the start, but they made me feel welcome. Mostly because there were quite a few ring-ins/ refugees there. Everybody was on their best behaviour.

The food was amazing. Some really flash wine (’89 Bordeaux, anyone?). The best ham I have ever had. Chocolates. Sublime cheese.

I filled myself to approximately 7/4 full. It was very convivial. They had a deaf red heeler, lovely dog, but liked to go out and bark at the rain, then come inside and shake all over everybody. She enjoyed a belly rub. Somebody also brought a breathalyser there – this caused hours of amusement. After quite a few vinos, I was still registering well under the legal driving limit!

On the way there, I had to go past/near the Jewish Barrister’s home. That was bad. I had not thought about him in a while. I really liked him; the pain of walking away was disproportionate to the time we actually spent together. In a massive show of strength (? sensibility) I did not drive past his house (or pay a visit).

The ex had also said he would get me a present – he did (bless him) but left it at the front door last night. When I was home. Did not knock and say hello.

I have just gotten home.

I could use a hug. Just could. I don’t want a lot. Just a hug.

It was ok, though, better than I thought it would be. The thing this year was that I did not have to worry about other people’s enjoyment/happiness, just my own. No seething mass of mother-in-law discomfort/disapproval to deal with.

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