Marathon Training Week 2 Sessions 2 (Calf-Arsed) and 3 (Swap it, don’t stop it)


Tuesday – rest day. No worries.

Wednesday. Calves. Felt. Like. Lead.

It felt like I was running with great big weights attached to my shoes.

Plus, I had a stitch.

It was not pretty. I still turned up, did most of the stuff. Cooldown was a walk, not a jog.

It is times like this that I think “what the fecking hell am I doing with this marathon business?”

Today, a medium-long run was on the cards.

However, I was sore as hell. Back, legs, all of it. So I went to the pool, did some pool walking and swimming. Got in the spa. Legs were a bit sore at first but now I feel quite good, if not a bit tired.

Note to self, though – need new bathers. The ones I have are threadbare. Not a good look, really.


Thankyou to all of youse for the support on my last post. I had felt bad that I wanted to chuck a wobbly (even an imagined one) and it is good to get some re-inforcement that I am, indeed, quite normal.

BTW the ex’s girlfriend lives 100km away and I doubt that she found out about our outing. But it was platonic – it was. It seemed like the right thing to do when I planned it.

And Alison, I will need to take you up on your offer to head to Gippy! 🙂

oooh, and today, I saw the lovely Lilli from frocksandfroufrou! my fashion heroine! Totally uncool, but I chased her down the street to say hello. I am such a dag sometimes!

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