Marathon training – Week 2 Session 1 – hills.


Always fun to follow a hard long run with a solid training session.

It was hills, interspersed with strength training.

My legs felt tight to start with, and they were a little better at the end.

I learned that, while I am not fast, I can yap while jogging uphill! (perhaps I need to run faster).

I also learned that I have to be careful about the food I choose  – The thai beef salad I had at lunch repeated on me quite a bit.


Other things:

Thankyou to everyone for their comments.

I am planning on spending the morning with my mum and sis, and the afternoon with a work colleague. The latter are cooking a turkey and I don’t have to do a damn thing.

It will necessarily be hard – it is the first christmas in a long time without the hubby. Granted, the last couple of christmases were hard, but this year, I can actually be open about the fact that it might be a bit miserable. I need to embrace my “bah humbug”. Sometimes things just suck, but they pass.

I know that this period will be difficult. I thought about what was really bothering me was the worry that things would not improve.

I have been fearing the future. And I thought “Why?” “What am I scared of missing out on?” There is very little that is definite in this life, apart from the moment we are in. I have created enough amusement for myself recently, and I am free enough to do just that.

I have also been considering Christmas wishes. I actually don’t want anything much material this year. What I really want is just this.

I want to receive a nice surprise. Or multiple small ones. Of the material or circumstantial variety. A surprise that does not end in consternation or heartbreak would be good.

What it really means is that somebody (or, indeed, the universe) has given due consideration to what I would like, and gone ahead with it. I promise, promise, I will appreciate.

Meanwhile, I will try and provide others with nice little surprises, without necessarily getting anything in return. I have done these things.


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