Marathon Training – Week 1 session 4 – Long run. Plus other things.


I was all excited yesterday morning, hence I woke up at 0515 hours! I drifted off back to sleep before my alarm went off at 0630. Goodbye, leisurely Sunday mornings, for the time being, anyway.

I rocked up on time, resplendent in my new compression shorts, cap and fuel belt, to the Eaglemont tennis courts. No loo – had to find a place to squat :/

My inner bully said “you are too fat and slow to be here”.

I said “no I’m not”. “Fuck you, inner bully.”

The inner bully showed her head a little bit during the run, but mostly kept away.

It was long – over 16km. It was hilly. At the beginning and end, when stationary, I got attacked by mutant mosquitoes, who paid no mind to the applied aerogard. Between the bruises on my legs from a massage, and the mozzie bites, I look like I have been engaged in trench warfare.

My pace over the 16 and a bit km was 7:30 on average, and kept fairly solid. Not bad, considering it was hilly. I got tired at the 14km mark – the inclines and weather probably took it out of me. There were a few walk breaks on the inclines in the last 2 kms. It went quick and I managed the solitude well.

I did good. I have far to go, but pat on the back where it is due.


Here is the honest truth. I am dreading Christmas. I don’t even wanna go there. I want to call in sick. Cancel it. I have bought presents for people etc but other than that I don’t want any part of it.

I am managing things swimmingly well at the moment but OMG it all goes to shit when I think of Christmas. It amplifies everything.

That’s all I am gonna say about that. So much on my mind, none of it can be said here.

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  1. Re Christmas – plan ahead for a reasonable excuse to get out of there. When you arrive say that you have a friend who is having a family emergency and might need you to come over urgently to look after the cat or something. If things get too difficult, just call on your excuse and leave. It might be they suspect that it is not true, but even for a ridiculous excuse if you just need to “call in sick” then go ahead and do so. Then go home, watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, have a G &T and cry your eyes out if necessary.

    Anyway hope that you manage to navigate the treacherous waters.

  2. As Kathryn said, 16km is very fine work. I would be feeling tired way before the 14km mark … you did good. Just look at the Christmas break as an opportunity for more long runs … they will get you through it.

  3. Nice run Cilla!
    Having spent Christmas alone before while everyone else was whooping it up at home, I have to say, being with people is important on Christmas Day- whether they are your family, friends, colleagues or strangers. If you family are too much, visit, make a good excuse and leave. Sometimes you just have to turn up to make your Mum happy, then you get to go and do what you want to do.

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