Stuff that’s good.


Here is some stuff I am grateful for this week.

  • I wagged the last spring into shape 12.7 km race. Instead, I headed off to Princes park and did a 15km run. I headed out very conservatively (on average 7:45/km) and upped it to 7:30 km for the last few k. This is a good slow-endurance run pace for me, according to this website. Hopefully, with doing some speed training, it will get a bit faster.
  • During my run, I saw this handsome fella.

I was running in the opposite direction to him. I saw him, thought “that’s Kouta”. Next time, I said “Hey, Kouta” and he said “how are ya?”. On the next lap, he said “doing well” and even though I was sweaty I still giggled and blushed and batted my eyelashes.

I am not even a Carlton supporter.

  • Getting a letter from this magnificent lady. An email, too, but a proper, handwritten letter.
  • Going to Golden Fields restaurant in St Kilda. I was dressed very stylishly and completed my makeup in the taxi. The Pakistani taxi driver told me I looked beautiful. I got to the restaurant a bit early, bought a champagne (French, not Aussie) and propped myself against the bar. I unabashedly struck a pose. I was unashamedly a poseur. I had a lovely meal with some lovely ladies. I even got some companions for the trip to Sydney that I wanted to take.
  • All of the people in my street have roses in their front garden, which I take time to smell.
  • My mum visiting this morning. She said the 5 little words* I needed to hear from her
  • My new 1000 thread count sheets, bought discounted.
  • My girlfriends visiting yesterday to see my new house
  • The fact that I am now not dreading Christmas so much, but thinking of some new memories that I can make.
  • That it would have been my 7th Wedding anniversary today, and I managed to send a nice text to my ex-husband, and he sent one back to me, and I did not feel too sad, only mildly wistful. That I can remember that day 7 years ago as a happy one.
  • That I am feeling better. I have worked hard on it, and I deserve to.

*you did the right thing.

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