Finding my focus, flair, fitness and fabulousness.


plus foraging for fine food.

The big lump of sad still flashes its head on a daily basis, but it is mostly not quite as overwhelming.

I am getting my mojo back.

I have been running most days, to get the kilometre base up, the miles in the legs. I have a sore back 😦

I am actually getting stuff done. I make lists!

I am going out with friends. Getting used to my own company, slowly. Meeting new folks and discovering new eateries around town.

Main obstacle in my head is Christmas. What I would like is for it to be cancelled.

Yes I know that sounds horrible, but I just cannot deal with it this year, for various reasons. Mostly because I find the idea of spending a day with people who I do not see often and clash with (ie my family) in my sister’s sparsely furnished 1 bedroom flat is depressing and makes me want to take my eyeballs out. There. Said it.

I have been offered the opportunity to spend some of it with somebody else. An escape. I may just take it up. Or I know some other “orphans” who I might invite over to get drunk quietly in a safe environment. I need to make some new memories, or, at least, drink till I have no memory!

Many people find Christmas difficult. It is hard to admit, though. But  refreshing to admit.

My small comforts / delights this week:

  • handful of dark chocolate coated almonds
  • asking for (and getting) more chocolate sprinkles on my cappuccino. Trendy. No. Yummy, yes.
  • Finding an awesome supermarket: Coles Ivanhoe. All the supermarkety stuff, lots of gourmet stuff. Best of all, a fresh fruit/ vege bar, where stuff is cut up. It is all nice and clean, too, not skanky. And no big queues. Win!
  • Sniffing roses.
  • Being ok with the idea that this year I am a big scrooge. I used to feel guilty. Now I say “BAAA HUMBUG” loud n proud.
  • Learning the phrase “the pash and dash”.
  • having a couple of…..ahem….dates ….lined up (well I dunno if they are dates, or dinner meetings with unrelated and hopefully unattached members of the opposite sex)
  • Seeing a bumper sticker that said “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”.

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  1. I have banned half my family at Christmas…my mum says I am a heartless woman, but I have had enough of my alcoholic brother who wants to make everyone’s life hell and doesn’t want to help himself. We should meet up for a few drinkies – sounds like you live closer towards me now. Hope you are well and finding happiness.

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