Little wishes.






Some nice things over the last week:

  • People watching in a Cafe – in particular, a group of young muslim women, fashionably dressed,  looking beautiful.
  • Discovering that peas go very well in omlettes.
  • Finding a beautiful red lippy
  • Seeing my dog
  • Patting a friendly staffy in the street
  • Relaxed DVDs and curry with my housemate
  • going out and meeting people. Getting some compliments.
  • Seeing my housemate and her boyfriend interact. They are so nice to each other, they talk often and get along well. As much as relationships look different from the outside, I see her at home, alone, them together and on the phone together, and it is just beautiful.

Some things I would like.

It’s not winning tattslotto, nothing money related. Just simple things.

There are just a few little things I would like. I do all these things myself, but I would like them. Just putting it out there.

  • somebody to bring me a coffee in bed to wake up with
  • A nice email/phone call/text to brighten my day when I am feeling lonely.
  • somebody to invite me out to something (like a festival, picnic etc)
  • somebody to come out for a run with me
  • and that’s it.

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  1. Sometimes my sister brings me coffee in bed and I got invited to a picnic this week 🙂 Actually I don’t even like picnics that much… Today I was thinking I’d like an obscenely huge wad of cash, which is unusual for me to think but if I had that I could get a boob lift.

  2. +1 for an obscenely huge wad of cash!
    How good is patting dogs for the soul! It is like high fiving a kid during a run- uplifting in a way that I can’t explain.

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