Goal update


No wine- epic fail. Cannot waste a bottle of good rose. There is always next week. Meanwhile, Cheers. Goes down brilliantly with a mcfeast, by the way.
Dressing nicely – absolutely
Itbs and hammies- did pilates for fist time in aaaages tonight. Awesome. Lots of muscles that I forgot about.
Run and article – tomorrow.
Salsa- tomorrow also.
Quality time with dog- yes. She is adorable.
Novel- yes. Downloaded. Is a Jeffrey Eugenides novel. I have in my possession the book “the slap”, but cannot bring myself to read it at the moment.

In other news-
– saw the little vietnamese fellow today, I was nervous before seeing him. He was lovely, though.
– talked with my phd supervisor today. It was a bit of “yes, the project is going ok, but I am absolutely struggling to get out of bed of a morning just to let you know”. He was great, bless him.
– I crave….I crave…..you know…..sigh. A brief hug with the man- cake in the lab simply fails to cut the mustard. Sigh. (patience, grasshopper……)

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  1. You didn’t say the wine in the fridge was Rose. It would be a crime not to have finished that. You were just finishing off celebrating peer reviewed article. Congrats!

    Oh McFeast! Was it as good as you remembered?
    (I was always a McFeast no meat kinda gal – Gosh it’s tempting to relive old times)

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