Goals for week.


Mondays are shit. Have currently got concentration span of a goldfish.
This blog is not private but I have been writing fairly personal stuff. I will give it a rest for today.

The goals are as follows:

– finish a paper I am trying to write
– spend plenty of quality time with the dog
– dress nicely every day
– go for 2 runs (they help)
– massage ITBs/ hips daily
– find a nice, light fluffy book and read it on iPad.
– Avoid alcohol while at home alone, minimal when out. The open bottle of wine in the fridge DOES NOT EXIST.
– book removalists
addit – have booked in salsa class 🙂

Oh, and BTW – I am finally a peer-reviewed author of a medical article. Go. Me.

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  1. thanks so much for the comment darl 🙂
    Tip the wine out if you don’t plan on drinking it – be all dramatic and symbolic! I did that the last time I drank spirits (when I was living by myself OS and realised that I should probably stop behaving like an alcoholic). it was great!
    I’m hardly ever a saucy minx ( I might be a bit old for that?) but I am pretty nearly always fabulous, so I wear red lipstick quite a lot of the time 😀 Release the inner diva, I say!

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