“I am not planning on seeing anyone else, but I don’t want an exclusive relationship”. It was said in a cold manner, most unlike the person I thought I knew

It was all going so well. I was enjoying it. Most of the 2 months worth of it.

He seemed so kind, so attentive, a bit special. So I was confused when I saw his RSVP profile still up 6 weeks after we started dating.

Subsequently, I was anxious – I thought this was my problem. I had raised it with a few people who said: “find out what he wants”. So I did.

I just feel a bit silly now. And very sad.

But a relationship, even a short one, deserves some respect. And damn it, so do I! Date one person at a time, that should, I feel, be the intent. Has dating changed so much in the last few years?

It was not what I wanted to hear, but what I sorely need to know, for my own sake, and for my own dignity.

Even though I hurt, the anxiety has dissolved. I know what I am dealing with, and it was not what I thought.
So, I am gonna run. Do my PhD. Travel. Chase my dreams. Unleash my cilla-ness

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  1. You gotta ask- sounds like you did the right thing- but the question is………….why were you on RSVP when you were dating him??? Sorry- just being cheeky!

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