It is better…


It is better to do something alone than sit at home in the company of somebody waiting for something to happen.

To this end, today, I
-rang the bank (I had a question, and the answer was probably not…had a cry, then got up and kept going)
-went for a run
-saw a friend, went for lovely walk along yarra)
-went to Movida next door, alone. It was good. A few people eating alone. A good opportunity to people-watch. The waiters there were super cute. Sat next to a couple of ladies at the bar and listened to their conversation. I felt like the silent partner. the prettier of the two girls was complaining about how her boyfriend was obtuse (my interpretation). I was tempted to say “gorgeous, sort it out or ship it on, it won’t get better”.
-went to see a show at the malthouse, called “The Aftermath”. Was great.

Oooh, and I braved the post-holiday scales today. I didn’t gain any weight,which is unusual for me. a welcome surprise.

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  1. If you need some company, let me know. I’m unemployed at the moment so have nothing but free time. Btw if you ever have a day during the week when you aren’t flat out, K-box in the city does free time karaoke from 2-7 ($18 + 2 drinks).

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