The Suite life- Stockholm.


halloooo from Sverige!

Got here yesterday, luckily a direct flight from Malaga to stockholm!

When I was choosing a hotel for Stockholm, I googled “coolest hotel in Stockholm” and came up with the place I am staying at, the Story Hotel, in Ostermalm, the upmarket end of town.

And it was cool! I have taken photos!

Any who, I checked into my room. Tried to get wifi working on ipad. Didn’t work. Tried to have shower. Water cold.

I thought “fuck, I’ve been ripped off!”

I rang reception, got the manager. He said he’d come up in 5 minutes. He took half an hour. Unimpressed, I asked him to sort it out, and suggested that he could chuck in a complimentary beverage for the inconvenience.

I had dinner in the hotel, and duly got a glass of bubbly, gratis (Veuve Clicquot thank you very much). After dinner, I saw the manager again. He said I can’t get the shower working.

I put on my polite but bossy doctor voice and told him that this would not do. I suggested changing my room. He said helplessly that he was booked out. I gave him my look. He said he would work something out. It was 10:30 pm.

I hung myself in the bar with a cocktail for people watching. Many, many beautiful people! Like models Inc!

The manager returned. He said I would be moved to the suite for the first 2 nights.

The suite!

Pictures are worth a thousand words. I took a few.

Today, woke up late-ish, had a yummy Swedish brekky, with fresh baked bread, and then headed out.

Things I did today:
– stumbled upon the changing of the guard at the royal palace.
-went on a walking tour of the old town. Learned about Stockholm’s history, geography, architecture and Abba!
-checked out the Alfred Nobel museum (as in the Nobel prize) got all excited in a nerdy way.
-quickly checked out the Stadsmuseum, it was about to close but I needed to get a map of the bits in the Millennium trilogy (best books ever).
-went to the photography museum. Saw an exhibition by Robert mapplethorpe, famous for his homo erotic paintings. Lots of penis photos! Also saw work by Helen Levittown, who took pictures of poor people in new York postwar: she lent the downtrodden a real dignity.

It has been fun.

See photos on

I have continued to assiduously shine light in the metaphorical hole, to turn the vague feelings of unease into conscious thoughts that I can challenge. And so, mindfully enjoying my vacation.

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  1. Loved Stockholm. It was February I think, and just so cold, hotel was like an oasis. Went to see the changing of the guard as well, am a not so secret monarchist. Can’t be worse than the current leadership. Anyway can’t type much on the iPhone, love the blog, will browse properly some other time. Dan

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