Spain again!


I had forgotten how much I enjoy Spain.
These are the reasons:
1. the shoes.
2. The fact that it is cheaper than most of the rest of the EU.
3. The language; using it with aplomb that borders on a piss take. My favourite word at the moment is juego (it means game)
4. The shoes
5. The range of feminine douching products available, should, hypothetically, I need them. I will also have the bag it comes in (heehee)
6. The people watching
7. The wine
8. Did I mention the shoes?

SO I am in Malaga, in the south of Spain, for a conference. It s genteel and refined in parts, but also has a Miami feel to it too. The buildings down by la playa are butt ugly, the rest look lovely.

What I have done so far:
-Malaga is the city where Pablo Picasso was born. Granted, he didn’t visit again after the age of 19, but that is quite beside the point. The city boasts a Picasso art museum, which showcases his lesser known work. Nevertheless, the building itself is a nice example of Moorish architecture, and the artwork conveys (from my humble point of view) his mastery of lines. There is also his birthplace, which is another museum.
-visited the Museo del vino. Malaga, being a hot region, does sweet wines well, and I think (cannot be sure as exhibits in espanol) that Pedro Ximenez sherry comes from the region.
-visited the museo Carmen Thyssen, which houses some beautiful Spanish works, which are reminiscent of the French works from similar times.
-practiced my drawing ( fun, but should stick to day job at the moment)
-went to the beach, watched people from afar. At the beach, bikini tops are optional, I figured out.
-eaten lots of seafood. Lots of omega 3.
-developed an helado (gelati) per day habit. Must. Go. For. Run.
-had a siesta per day. When in Rome etc.
-looked at couture and footwear.
– met up with my old supervisor/ boss and his wife for beer and tapas. He is attending the conference.

I am having a good time. A great time. Mostly, I don’t miss not having somebody to share it with (I have youse). I get happy enough to hum a tango while walking in the sun.

Now, I don’t want to sound like Miss Whiny McWhinge, but there are times when I do get sad. Lonely. Nostalgic. Tonight was one of them.

However, I know these are the times when I need to make a special effort to leave my hotel room. And I do. And, most of these times, I feel better for it. Sometimes, though the tears escape. Not nearly as much or as hard as they did, but they do.

The earth mother in me says “it is quite normal”. Lady Phil says “you are doing fine, better than fine.”

I am. I am.

Oooh. I have another whinge.
I. Have. A. Chinful. Of. ZITS!!!!!!! WTF????

Please check out my tumblr, for photos

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  1. Sounds lovely. As for the loneliness etc. just think when you are travelling with someone else, you have periods where you feel shitty with them (well I do) so it’s only natural I guess that you turn these feelings on yourself if you travel alone.

  2. Yah! Photos. Hoof still attached to ham leg. Eek!

    While OS I usually take in “Lussert”. Something sweet after lunch – much like the gelati habit. Thankfully offset by all the walking one does. *Sigh* to be OS!

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