The A to Z of me.


Got this from I would appreciate if you all did yours!

A – Age: 32 and a half. Old enough to harness my mojo.

B – Bed size: Queen. Of course.

C – Chore that I hate: Ironing. I am a sweep/mop person.

D – Dog: Candy, the cheeky staffy.

E – Essential start to my day: Coffee. It is the essential THING in my day.

F – Favourite colour: Hmmmm. Deep red, or dusky pink.

G – Gold or silver: Rose/yellow gold. Will wear silver or white gold. Anything precious.

H – Height: 165 cm. Fairly average.

I – Instruments I play: None. Coudn’t afford it as a child. I enjoy singing, though, that is my shot at musicality.

J – Job title: Consultant Physician and PhD student. Sounds very stately, no?

K – Kids: Hmmm, no. Long story. Enjoying being “Auntie Ciwwa” to friends babies.

L – Live: Melbourne. Brunswick. Go Brunswick!

M – Mother’s name: Jill

N – Nicknames: I call myself Cilla. Others call me Cil. Some even call me Cillza, Cilla Billa. I am quite partial to Cilla Gorilla.

O – Overnight Hospital stays: None. A few day surgeries – wisdom teeth, ingrown toenails, endoscopies.

P – Pet peeves: Tony Abbott. People with their heads up their arses. Snobs. Fuckwits. Fuckwits who think they are smart.

Q – Quote from a movie: “Stay Gold”- The Outsiders. Can’t really think of another off the top of my head.

R – Right or Left handed: Right handed.

S – Siblings: Younger sister, Younger brother. Me = black sheep.

T – (Original post didn’t have this)….Training?: Running, pilates type exercises. London Marathon looming in Distance.

U – Underwear: Berlei Bras (Can’t go past them), Cotton bikini briefs. I go for comfort and practical style

V – Vegetable you hate: Don’t hate any vegetable. Even like brussels sprouts!

W – What makes you run late: Everything. Sleeping in, listening to radio, reading things, lingering over breakfast, applying maquillage, arranging coiffure, choosing couture.

X – Xrays: Had an x-ray of arm when younger as I sprained it. Have had a couple of CT scans of sinuses. Had an OPG for wisdom teeth, and they xray my teeth when going to dentist. Oh, and had a fluoroscopy of my bladder when I was younger. I have had my share of rays.

Y – Yummy food I make: Lamb roast, baby.

Z – Zoo animals – elephants, especially baby ones.

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