Spring into Shape 1 – 8.4km- 58.05


Yesterday’s run was a training session with Val (Girlsup4fit). A warm up, a few drills, then strides, then 4×500 metres with 60 sec recovery. She did not want to flog us too much, as most of us had returned from breaks or were racing the next day.

I had not run more than about 6km since the (fairly average effort of) Run Melbourne 10km. Hence, today was about going the distance. I had hoped to go in at under an hour, and hold fairly even pace. Maybe even to beat my 58 minute playlist – as an outside chance.

The day was perfect for a run, if not a little humid. Overcast, cool, with a light breeze.

I felt fairly comfortable throughout the run. I only walked while drinking water at the drink stations. I managed to power up the hills (there were 2 big ones, one each loop, at the back of Birrarung Marr). Those hill sessions with Carol helped. I used my arms to propel up – I drummed my forearms.

I picked up the pace after about 7km. Or it felt like a pickup in pace – hard to tell at the end of a race.

By my watch I crossed the finish line in 58:05, just as my playlist was finishing. I only had vague nausea at the end; will have to empty the tank a bit better next time to have a full-on near-spew. I crossed the line, put my foot up on the crate to take my timing chip off, and then, d’OH! I realised I had forgotten to affix it with my excitement to get to the toilet (again) before starting. This is not the first line I had done such a thing!

That works out to 6:54 minute kms. I hope to get it a bit faster per kilometre for the upcoming 12.7km events. This works out to a long easy run pace of about 7:30minute kms or so.

Afterward, I got some of the drink they were offering up, and headed off. I was craving carbohydrates, preferably in Pancake form. I headed down to Monsieur Truffe, a new cafe/chocolaterie that has opened up in East Brunswick. I had some ricotta pancakes with strawberries and hazelnut praline. It was yummy, if not a bit small.

Then home, shower, nanna nap.

Tonight and tomorrow will be filled with packing. I am doing a 90 minute lecture tomorrow afternoon, before heading off to the airport in the evening. How exciting! London, here I come!



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