Random stuff….

  • Did I tell youse, I am off overseas next Monday? UK, Spain, Sweden, Iceland? Heeee.
  • I went for a run yesterday, outside of my normal ‘hood. An out and back, slight incline on the out. Just over 4km in 25 minutes. Great, but need to find my long run pace.
  • A conversation that I had with Man-Cake PhD student today.

                            MC: I am tired, man, I have a cold.

                            Me: That’s no good.

                            MC: No, it’s no good, dude. What do I take for it?

                            Me: A…nice….big…..cup….of….

                            MC: “…harden the fuck up?”

                            Me: Yes.

                            We laugh. He knows me well.

That’s all I got for the minute.

addit 1213 hrs. I have another phrase, related to a recent post.

If you have two diets, you will have two weights, but be stuck at one of them – not the you will be happy with, either.

I used to have a “good” eating plan and a “bad” eating plan. This set me up for failure. Now, I make a mental note if I have really gone off the rails, but mostly I don’t worry about it.

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