I ran today.


My running has been going regularly, but not frequently. I have been getting out twice per week. Good, considering. I went along to training this morning, and there were only the 3 of us. One paced similarly to me, one very much faster. She goes to the Virgin gym in the city and they are having a competition where the person who does the most amount of training gets to have a meeting with Michelle Bridges.

Way to encourage excessive behaviour! This lass was exercising 4 hours per day. There are only a few things I want to do for 4 hours or more per day – one of them is sleep, and the others are not fit to discuss here 😀

Anywho, we did drills (I looked and felt lame) and then hill pyramids. Another patented Carol method of torture.

As usual, I picked up my game later on in the piece – I get better towards the end of the session.

Carol was very perceptive. She said to me “You are looking good, but you must come into these sessions believing you can do them.” I had been feeling a bit bloated and slow and unfit. Negative thoughts. Tsk Tsk.

I need to get the upper body working a bit more, it is very important for running, especially powering up hills. Perhaps an arm and ab session before work regularly might do the trick. Routine.

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  1. I ran today too. God I’m finding it tough going. Got soaked today too, which didn’t help. Four hours a day, wow, that’s overtraining for sure, although time with Michelle, a worthy prize 🙂

  2. Carol is very positive, she’s pepped me up on more than one occasion when we’ve met up for a run and I’ve been feeling blah, I think she was born to coach.

    I always feel a bit daft doing drills too, but they are great to help work on good form.

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