Conversations with my headshrinker


I did the rush around town today – Heidelberg to Richmond to Broadmeadows.

Hell, anybody who does that driving regularly would need extensive therapy (anger management).

But it was a regular visit to the little Vietnamese fellow who doles out my happy pills.

I have been seeing him for over 3 years now, and we had a good rapport till recently. Let me just say that he was very taken aback by recent turns of events. Probably because I had given him no warning about them (shit, man, I could not even admit things to myself).

He is coming around, and I am coming around to him, again. It takes trust.

He recently gave me a few days off, as things were getting a bit much. He asked me what I did during the days off.

I said “ummm, I dunno, not much. Got a bikini wax….”

He blushed bright red and giggled like a little schoolboy. FFS.

I idly wondered what would happen if I had, for argument’s sake, said that I had a BRAZILIAN bikini wax. Just theoretically.

I think his head might have exploded.

That would be a good sketch for a show like Ally McBeal or Offspring or Sex and the City.

P.S. I ran 6.4km yesterday. Need to find my long-run pace again.

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