I like Britney, so sue me.


This is one of my favourite songs at the moment. Britney, pre- inappropriate husband, children, boyfriends, head shaving or breakdown. I am not ashamed.

I love the dance moves. I love the rhythm. I love that I can easily sing in tune to it. I would KILL for that midriff.

(I don’t like the pout or the outfits, just to get that straight).

I really like the opening line:

I NEED…..Joy, love, space, time…I NEED…me.

So true. Poetry.

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  1. one of my students is an event producer for j-pop concerts and she just got flown to NY for the weekend to watch the brittney concert for work. Jealous? I am and I don’t even like Brittney that much.

    Btw I cant find you on fb… did you delete yr profile? I just created an event for my home coming drinks and wanted to invite you.

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