And the producers would also like to thank…


I have forgotten a few people after yesterday’s post…

  • My fabulous team of women at my workplace – NR, JH, SF, SH, CD and MB. Women Rock!
  • My esteemed geriatric colleagues who are also good friends – JS, PY, LD and especially YS (who recently proverbially hoisted me up by my armpits and pulled me back onto my feet).
  • The Grand Masters – JP, KL, SB and MM
  • The people at the lab – CA, BF, NR, CJ, MS, KP, MC, JP, LB and PS.
  • And the people who I went to school with, who I rarely catch up with but when we do, we don’t miss a beat: KV (who I have known since I was four), LC, TA, DA.
  • My internet friends: AJH, AR, AK, SM, EW, AL and KOH
  • And, how could I forget, Candy Truffle Haywood, who loves me unconditionally.

These people have all stepped up to the mark at various points, and saved me from going berserk with their encouragement and support. It is important that I remind myself of them.

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  1. Sometimes it’s easy to let the people who bring us down overshadow the ones that support us. I think we all need a bit of wallowing in self pity time now and then but also need to know when to say enough and move on.

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