Allow me to introduce…my friends.


It is probably quite normal for me to feel sad and lonely and generally misunderstood and (misunderestimated). Sometimes, these can be overwhelming feelings that make me want to roll up in a ball in the corner and fall into the floor. Support from my family has been less than forthcoming, and Friday’s catch up with them was awkward and at times infuriating. Hence my tweet to Morsey.

However, today, I was reminded by a person who I consider very kind and wise that I have a great group of friends. Pondering this took me out of my torpor, and gave me inspiration for today’s blog post. Bring on the warm and fuzzies.

Rocco, my gay husband. Our mutual understanding makes me want to yell “AMEN, SISTAH!” Our conversation can go from serious to delightfully tawdry in a breath, and he has me screaming with laughter regularly.

Amy, my dear colleague and friend, with whom I shared medical school and physician training. She can always be relied upon to give very wise advice and has a gentle way of making me see sense. We share a passion for what we do, and can talk about this and other things for hours. She has recently given birth to a little fella I call Boofa (he was only 2 kilos something at birth) who I saw today, and he is just the most magnificent little creature. He is my little Boofa and I am his Aunty Ciwwa and we cuddle often.

LittleSare, who I was friends with in medical school. We drifted apart a bit but have been closer in the last few years with our combined tribulations. She is quite fragile at times (as am I) but she is more strong, brave and beautiful than she realises. I told her this on her birthday card. She rings me twice a week without fail, and I hope that she can count on me for some advice as she faces new work challenges.

MeltheGazelle. We have also been friends during medical school. She is beautiful (enough to make one sick), clever, talented and excels at her job. Despite this, her confidence in herself is sadly lacking, and I just wish she could see in herself what the world sees in her. She and her husband would desperately like a baby, and I hope that comes for them.

DantheMan. Always good company for a drink, a feed and a larf. We can both get down by circumstances, but, in conversation, can always see the amusing side in it.

Phil(ippa), (the green is deliberate, honey) who is my internet sister from another mister. We met last year in London, and it was love at first sight. We talked like old mates. My only regret is that I do not get to see her enough. Our conversation also goes from the deep and meaningful to the delightfully tawdry.

Shaundogg is very much in the same category as Phil.

I have commenced a PhD and consultant work. This has been challenging, but has brought with it two wonderful groups of people with whom I have found friendships, albeit newer. Though I have had support leave, I have probably been given it back in greater measure through these people.

A new friend:

Myself. I have stopped being my worst enemy, and am learning to be my own best friend. To talk to myself nicely and amuse myself and make myself laugh and take myself out for movies and dates and coffees. It has not been an intuitive thing but I am getting used to it.

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  1. What a lovely post šŸ™‚ I’m pleased you are friends with yourself and are nurturing that. You deserve it.

    PS. I cleaned out the cobwebs on the weekend šŸ™‚

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