The 4 words that will save me.


So I have been a bit light and frothy or plagiarising the poetry of others, but today, a very poignant thought crossed my mind, about a simple four letter sentiment.

I love you, too? Important, yes.

I’ll take both, thanks? Said that a lot, but it has saved me nothing.

Pass the sauce, please? Only gets me mocked. People don’t understand tomato sauce anymore. It has become all about aioli nowadays.

Oh my FREAKING God!… warmer.

Other 4 word phrases including (or exclusively) swear words – used them, very helpful at times.

I learned the most powerful, bravest, most helpful 4 letter phrase for me at the moment.


I might not say it out loud in those words, nor, indeed, scream it from the rooftops (that would probably get me straitjacketed and taken away in the back of a van).

Just to imply that need has been a very difficult thing for me. I have put a lot of stock in being strong and independent and not putting others out. It got me far, but I need to temper it a bit. I can wax lyrical about unconquerable souls, but no man (or woman) is an island.

Bravery has taken on new meaning for me – it is not about soldiering on at all costs, and grinding myself down in the process. It is about not being frightened to acknowledge to myself and others when, how and why I need assistance.

I am in real danger of becoming very overwhelmed by everything that is happening. These are both good and bad things, but quite stressful things. My wheels have fallen off before, and I need to learn to notice and act on the signs so they don’t fall off again. In acting on these signs, I have had to ask for help/forebearance/understanding/time.

Very few people have refused me, and it is encouraging. I feel lighter.

My other, just as important thought of the day.

I ask for a strong cappuccino at my cafe and I realise how very wrong that sounds. Strong Latte sounds more legitimate. Short black means business. However, usually cappuccinos are served very weak, and goddammit, I need my caffeine AND my froth and chocolate sprinkles of a morning, otherwise heads may roll. I am very busy and important.

Luckily, the barista with the Justin Bieber ‘do got that. The lady behind the counter had a chuckle, but I think she understood where I was coming from.

Anyone else have any 4 letter phrases they use? Points given for creativity. What is everybody’s coffee poison?

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  1. Eeep, it takes a lot for me to say “I need your help”.

    You need to ask for a double shot cappucino. That language the baristas speak.

    I have no 4 words 🙂

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