Today’s workout: Rafa accellerations.


I went out for a run this morning. I had a lot on my mind and it was making me feel quite overwhelmed.

Then I remember, as I always do, when running, one step at a time. One day at a time. One thing at a time.

I calmed down a bit with the regularity of my footstride. The rain had not yet come; it was perfect running conditions outside.

I passed a fellow running in the opposite direction. He looked a lot like Rafael Nadal, a doppelganger. I kept running.

Then I saw him again. Perhaps in recognition of me, he smiled and raised an eyebrow in greeting. Phwoar!

My stride changed. I ran faster, lighter on my feet, my chest proud, elbows in.

I am thinking, now, that for the London Marathon, I need a handsome fella placed strategically at every mile to smile and wink at me; 26.2 fellas to be exact. Perhaps one at the finish line to carry me off and massage my tired feet.  That way, my form will remain good and I will finish smiling.

An excellent idea if I do say so myself. I might go shoot off an email to the organisers of the London Marathon. Hey, they may go for it.


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