Things that have gone shit today:

1. I have a chest infection. It hurts to cough, like my trachea is about to burn. I am coughing up green stuff. (I got antibiotics). It got worse during the day.

2. A tough day at work with nobody throwing me a FREAKING bone.

3. I don’t have enough money to pay the cleaner (bills bills bills)

4. My mum, who has given me far more pain than support recently, rang me up and asked me to “take” demerit points off her so she would not lose her licence.

5. I found “the dress” fallen apart on the bottom of the cupboard.

I am sitting on my couch sweaty and snotty.

Any person who would like to annoy, harrass or give me further shit can please feel free to fuck off.

Anyone who would like to offer gentle yet realistic encouragement can please feel free to do so in the form of a comment.

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  1. Oh you poor thing 😦 I used to have chest infections all the time but *touch wood* have not had one for two years. I hope you feel better soon. xx

  2. Today’s learning is for me and maybe for you too. Get ready because here it is …

    No feeling is final, nothing is a dead end. The fruition of something is the seed of something else. Every moment is the end of one thing and the start of something fresh.Life is like water – dynamically flowing around the obstacles in its path.

    Hoped that helped 🙂

  3. My gentle encouragement – you may not feel like it, but try doing something out there and joyful which just makes you happy. Last night I was driving home from a work function late and I was very tired and I don’t drive often so I started to panic that I was being very dangerous. I switched over from the serious talkback, pulled some old CDs out of the glove box and spent the rest of the trip drumming the steering wheel and singing stupid songs at the top of my voice. Felt immeasurably better.

    Suggestion two – do something indulgent (but not craptastic) that you don’t often do. Doesn’t need to be expensive – take a long scorching bath with some radox, a good book and a glass of champagne. Paint your toe-nails purple, spend an evening on the internet playing the “if I got a tatoo what would it be?” game.

    Suggestion three – do something for someone else that is also in a shit or a tough position or whatever – bake some cupcakes, make a mix CD send someone an actually handwritten note in the mail. You might still feel crappy, but you will be able to feel “self-righteous crappy” (I am having a shit week but I still managed to be nice to people, just proves that those who can’t take the time to be nice to me are LESS THAN I AM). I often binge on self-righteousness fuelled house cleaning when I am pissed off.

    Hopefully you find something to make you feel better.

  4. Damn I missed the metaphor, I feel dumb now 😦 I tend to take things literally, you need to speak slowly to me.

    Sorry all that crap happened in one day, sounds like a bastard.

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