Sharpening my focus – My R’s


So I have found myself in a bit of a mess, yes?

It is 2330 and I am unable to sleep, my pills have yet to kick in (I need sleep to keep the the multiple balls I juggle in the air). I was moping/worrying/stewing about a few things.

Then I thought, I need to keep it simple. Make some goals.

Firstly, work and money – shouldn’t be a problem. I have more work in the pipeline. I can earn more money if I need, but after working out a few things I should not need to do a lot more work. I just need to rock up and do the job that I do, and it will be fine. My financial goal is simply to buy less crap (I have enough of it already, and I have learned about the futility of buying crap) and put away some $$ each week.

So, my R’s.

Roof over my head – I need to move out of my home, and the nitty gritty can be sorted out later. I do not know what will happen to the dog, this is distressing but I need to look after me first. I have made some enquiries and am hoping they come to fruition.

Running – I want to run the London Marathon next year. I have wanted to do an international marathon since seeing the spirit of the marathon movie a few years ago. My mate Philippa has given me the monkey see monkey do urge. Unfortunately, a minor issue has come up. I have had to sack my trainer. His training methods were great, but unfortunately he got a bit….inappropriate. I have spoken with some friends and found myself a nice female group trainer. Problem solved. Will need to find time for longer runs during the week.

Unfortunately also, eating has been rendered difficult by the fact that I often feel ill (my gut often bears the brunt of my psychic pain). I have dropped a bit of weight, which may improve my power to weight ratio, but I have to eat enough nutritious stuff to fuel the running.

Research – eg my PhD. I cannot drop this ball. Hopefully this won’t get too busy this year, so I can do the running stuff. I am doing well with it already, with a paper accepted for a conference in Malaga (Costa del Sol, Spain) in September.

Relaxation/Relationship with self – I need to do lots of those things that make me happy, like seeing friends, doing art classes and dancing. And of course, continuing therapy with a very good Psychologist (Melbournites, I can give you her name, Sydneyites, she is worth flying down for!)

This ought to be enough to keep me busy and off the streets and out of trouble.

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