I am.


I am:

  • realising that, this year, I have gone to hell and back, with a few little road trips to purgatory and, better, to heaven.
  • being brave
  • maintaining personal hygiene
  • well groomed, dressed and made-up
  • exercising
  • brushing and flossing my teeth
  • going easy on myself
  • not drowning my sorrows in alcohol (perhaps just wading them)
  • eating enough to keep me healthy
  • being a competent doctor, even though it is very draining at times
  • trying to concentrate on my upcoming PhD projects
  • trying to carefully engineer bridges between my self and some people
  • trying not to burn other bridges
  • trying to put in as much effort with some people as they have with me
  • saying yes when I feel like it, and saying no when I don’t feel like it
  • following my instincts
  • facing my demons, if not slaying them, then briefly incapacitating them with a big chinese burn and wedgie.
  • facing the dark depths of my sadness, and mindfully enjoying happy times.
  • slowly and intermittently feeling stronger.

Sheesh. No freaking wonder I feel tired and drained at the end of the days.

If you are lucky enough to have my phone number, drop me a line.

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