Here is to Friday.


The end of a very tough week, and have a smile on my face. I have had times this week where I was so down and frightened that I wanted to lay down and not get up. In fact, once or twice, I laid down, or sat down, depending on the surface. I did get up after, though, and got on with my day.

I am not overeating and not weighing myself. THAT is good.

I have realised that, OH MY FREAKING GOD it is relaxing to be oneself.

It has occurred to me that not everyone will accept it, but that is OK, because, as Dr. Seuss so famously said:

Be who you are, and say what you feel, because the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.

Am putting myself into a Sex and the City induced coma. Had training session today. Was good.

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  1. Hi sassydrcil!
    Found your blog through Carly’s.

    I had a horrible Friday too. It was draining more than anything else. I was all talked out by the end of clinic but I think I did make a difference. Then it took hours to get the letters done. Then the day was gone.

    Good on you for being at one with yourself.

    Have a great weekend and stay in touch.

    SSG xxx

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