I have heard that it takes pain to appreciate joy.

This is indeed true.

Yestderday was shitty mcshit.

Today could have been another shitty mcshit day, but was ok. Here are the things I am grateful for:

  • Melbourne is showing some sun.
  • I went to the dentist, and instead of naughty corner for not flossing, my teeth were fine – elephant stamp.
  • I went to get my car serviced, and it did not cost as much as I thought it would. They washed my car. Big shout out to Kmart tyre and auto, brunny. The acrid smell was some plastic bag stuck to the exhaust.
  • I went to see my friend’s little baby, Keiran. I wanted to avoid going there, as I thought I would cry. I didn’t, in fact, I really enjoyed seeing the baby, cuddling him and inhaling baby smell (he had been bathed). I made my friend a cup of tea and some breakfast. It was good to help her.

I am coping ok too. My personal hygiene has not lapsed. I have been to the supermarket and bought healthy items; no chocolate or alcohol. I might have a nap, then do some work.

Phil, my most treasured possession is probably my Passport. Both of them (UK and Australia)

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  1. Oh me too! That might be my next Tuesday treasure. When it expires, I’m framing it. It was my ticket to freedom!!

    Sending you all my love brave girl xoxo

  2. Mechanic and dentist in one week? Are you mad? Very brave Cill, and I am glad that you had good experiences at both. Keep it up!

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