Interval training.


Up at 10:30, missed breakfast, wandered off for a coffee and walk along the river, then lunch.

It was hot and humid. I eyed the pool at the hotel.

I did some interval training

10×25 metre doggy paddle intervals (don’t laugh, these are hard work)

20 minute sunbathing recovery, with music on ipod, watching clouds pass. Working hard on tan.

repeat by 4.

Chat with girls with hot bods – found out they were from the Ukraine and in town performing in the circus. So that is why they have hot bods.

I came around to the fact that my paler, more curvaceous body, clad in a 50s style cossie, was not inferior; indeed, it is appealing in its own way.

A good day.

Tonight- dancing at Clarke Quay. It is Ladies night, so free drinks.

Have an upgrade to biz class on they way home.

Life is good.

Here is a little vid for the laydeez out there (men, take note).

Madonna is/was brilliant.

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  1. New to your blog, but so very excited for your London marathon berth! And so sorry to read about your relationship troubles. I wish you the best on both fronts.

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