Holidays and bikini shopping


Well folks, I am buggering off for a couple of weeks as of tomorrow (Sat).

Seeing as I am going to warmer climes, I thought it wise to buy a new bathing suit. And being the brave, feisty girl I am, I thought, hey, I might buy a bikini.

It will be the first time my abdomen has received UV rays since circa 1982. I was 3, and refreshingly free of body image issues.

I set off to swimwear galore. Soooo many bathing suits. I thought, surely I can get something here. And having a 1940s/50s bombshell type of body (glass half full etc), I thought I could get a befitting bikini.

I wanted a cute, yet supportive halterneck top with some bottoms that flattened the bumpy bits. Surely, not too much to ask, right?

Well I tried on about 10 pairs. NOT FREAKING ONE of them looked right. NOT ONE!

Too skimpy.

Too boy-legged, making my thighs look larger than they are.

Too hipster-y. I have a bit of junk in the trunk to cover up and Dubai is NOT the place for brickie’s cleavage.

I have bathers, including a 50s style 1piece. I think I might just wear them, maybe Dubai is not the time to debut my lily-white abdomen, as titillating for the arabs as it may be.

Great training session this morning, one hour of my arse being handed to me on a platter. Was fricking spent after.

Have had a completely FERAL case of TTOM and a run etc got out some of the aggression, so I don’t kill people. Unfortunately I have been wanting to demolish every carbiferous and fatty foodstuff in my path. To a degree, I have been succeeding, but I have still been eating more than I should. Better rein it in.

I am staying places with gyms and pools, thank Christ/Allah.

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  1. I bought a 50’s cossie for lazing around pools too- but I still need lap swimming bathers because they just don’t cut it for the active stuff! Have a super time!

  2. Dubai?

    😀 😀 😀

    I tend to feel awful in bikinis. Most of them require something to fill out the bikini top, and I’m just afraid to lose it because I have nothing. The pants tend to fit more easily, but that doesn’t help me any further, so I usually just go with my bathing suit. 😉

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