It ain’t pretty….


Sri Chinmoy Newport 10km.

Hubby and I both attended this one – hubby doing the 4km, me doing the 10km, with my trusty mate Andrew pacing me. I had been fairly confident that I would do a PB, and in fact get about 65minutes. The plan was to start off at 6:30km for the first half, then pick it up if possible.

First mistake (unwitting but silly) – I had my blueberry protein shake for brekky. Note to self: simple carbs before a race, nothing to muddy the chambers.

We got to Newport and I stood in the dunny line with a lovely Canadian girl about to do a half marathon. There were lots of people there, mercifully the loo lines moved quickly.

We lined up at the start at 8am, with the lovely fella on the mike asking us to “look inside ourselves”, as is tradition for a Sri C race. The 10k’ers and the 4k’ers started together. The marathoners had set off at 7:15 and the halfers set off at 8:30ish.

We started out so well, I even had to slow it down a smidge to do a 6:30km. I had the energy to have a little yap with Andrew, and managed to cheer on the passing marathoners.

We went through Willy, a perfect morning for a race – not too cold, overcast, no wind. We headed down to Point Gellibrand, rounded the oval and returned. A great first 5 or 6 km.

At about 6.5km it started to go pear shaped. First I started to feel sick. I used my mental strength not to retch. Then I couldn’t talk to Andrew.

At about 7.5km it got ugly. My breathing became fast and laboured. The sick feeling worsened. I started grunting with every breath.

At 8km I was sounding like a dying person with emphysema and Tourette’s syndrome. WheezeFuckWheezeFuckWheezeFuck. I apologised to Andrew for the filthy language, knowing he had heard my potty mouth before.

Along with the sick feeling, I had a monkey crawl onto my back. I want to stop. I can’t do the marathon. It hurts.

Duckgirl and friend passed us at a sprightly pace around then. DG was doing the marathon. Freaky girl. DG asked me how I was going. I wheezed in reply “fucking awful”.

At 8.5 or so km, I stopped and had a good heave, but nothing came out. I walked for about 15 seconds and then carried on.

Andrew, bless him, recited me a quote of Lance Armstrong, saying “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”.

Then I “manned up” and thought of part of a poem that I had saved up for occasions just as this one.

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;

That’s from my favourite poem, If.

Sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it?

At the 9km mark, I tried to pick it up, and tried the other trick of imagining Shannan yelling at me “everything you’ve got!!” Unfortunately at 9.5km there was a little incline and at that stage I did not even have the energy to spare.

We hustled down the track to the finish line. Hubby was there cheering me on. I was absolutely spent at the end. I did not even have the energy to queue for the pancakes!.

I really did give it everything I had. Without Andrew there, I would have been walking, or withdrawing.

I think I made it in around PB time (67 minutes), perhaps just under.

It was not as fast as I wanted it, but I refuse to be disappointed in myself. I have had a great improvement recently and I am bound to plateau in parts. There will be other 10km races. I will get to my 60 minute 10km goal, eventually, and this has strengthened my resolve to get there.

The plan: more speed and tempo work. And nothing but simple carbs for brekky.

Big hugs to AJH, for his support.

Official time pending.

Addit: Official time 66:55 – a 5 second PB!

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  1. It happens to everyone, I think. I did a fun run at Princess Park where I got chronic guts ache halfway through and could barely walk. Even got beaten by a 90 yo dude! I learnt the hard way – sugar before running = not good.

  2. Hell you toughed it out when it got shit- and did a PB- nice work! I did the half there one year and was a ball of hurt after 8km so I know the feeling well. How were the pancakes?

  3. You did well. I don’t think I was a particularly good pacer, after all what sort of pacer forgets to turn off AutoPause and can’t tell you your time at the end!

  4. Hmmm… needs more sassiness.

    BTW – this is not the most pleasant image I’ve ever experienced: “nothing to muddy the chambers.”

  5. Something about the 6 – 8k mark I reckon. In the 10k I set my PB I had my first ever asthma attack somewhere between that distance. I think it was brought on by the stress of having to keep up an extremely uncomfortable pace for a prolonged period of time! Well done on toughing it out, you will get your 60mins before you know it 🙂

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