……and that’s the good news.


After a while of ignorance, I have bought some scales. I knew I was losing weight, the pants were getting looser, running more easy. Pants never, ever lie, and running is hard to fool too.

Many pennies have dropped regarding my eating and exercise. I have had some very major healthy realisations recently. Like the world won’t end if I get hungry/don’t have potatoes at dinner/pass up on dessert/miss a workout. I have realised that food is there for nutrition, sometimes for nurturing, to be enjoyed not abused. I have realised that exercise is a goal in itself and not just a way to negate food.

My weight at the beginning of the year: 78kg. My weight now: 72.2kg. Waist circumference is down to 76 cm. All while enjoying my food, a bit of wine, and ramping up the exercise to a challenge and adding an exercise related goal, and building on it (10km to marathon).

I am very proud of myself. I have confidence around food. I have put on a pair of jeans that I bought ages ago, they fit now, but alas, with the trendy brand, the cut is not great on me.

Yet with all these food and weight related pennies dropping, pennies of other themes have been falling too.

These are massive pennies. Frisbee size, in fact.

I have made some very big realisations recently. Huge. Not really pleasant, in fact not at all. It has been one of the hardest weeks ever, this past week.

It is really far too huge to put on this blog.

I have engaged in some old-skool face to face action with my friends, not chatting on facebook. In fact, I have banished it. For me, it has had a quite insidiously erosive effect on my relationships. I need to keep things real.

The blog is important, I love you guys, and I will post a bit. I have been writing things that I keep to myself and a close friend. So I am getting things out, in my own way. I enjoy reading and engaging with your blogs, your lives, but I bet there are some things you keep close to your heart, too.

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  1. Great work on the weight, you’re almost exactly the same weight as me now, I was 72.1 this morning!
    Next Sunday should be fine, I will swap my Saturday and Sunday runs in my plan, so the 10km Sri Chinmoy will just be instead of my “relaxed 8km”.

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