Sydney Interlude.


Every year, I do a teaching session in Sydney with a group. We teach physician trainees how to do the clinical exam. We also do the same in Melbourne the week before. Year after year, the Melb trainees are better than the Syd trainees. There were many facepalm moments yesterday, so there was lots of debriefing in the car on the way back to the hotel (Four Seasons). Luckily we had a nice dinner out at Bel Monde, as per usual with lots of grog. The choc fondant dessert was to die for, the rest of it was …….ok, good but forgettable.

I slept poorly despite the very comfy bed. I woke up at 2, 3 5 and 6:15. I laid in bed and then got up and looked through the window: sunrise over the opera house. Magnificent. I saw the Sydney half marathoners, first the wheelchair athletes, then the front runners. I was then inspired to go to the gym at the hotel, which was nice, cool and smelled like expensive aromatherapy rather than stale sweat. It also had tvs attached to the cardio machines, but there was only crap on telly. I did a good sweat/detox, drank loads of water and herbal tea, and felt energised.

Later, we met up with Andy and Beki – the former had just run a blistering half marathon. Andy graciously picked us up in the city and took us to their pad in Rose Bay – very swanky suburb. We had a lovely brekky and a good chat.

After that, we went to see the Archibald Prize exhibition, the winner, a portrait of Margaret Ollie, was just gorgeous.

We went to the Lindt cafe for snack/lunch – yummm. And then the plane home, during which time I had a satisfying snooze. Now home with dog lying on my feet keeping them warm. I am glad to be home, but could do with another few days weekend.

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