Doing speed.


No, not the amphetamine made in a dodgy kitchen version.

I have been making a foray into the sub 6 minute km.

Yesterday – did a 5:38 minute km outside, which I was proud of, as I had a severe case of tummy pain (bloating) at 3am, just a few hours before the run.

Today, I was determined to do a 5 minute km on the tready at the gym. It hurt. Mostly, it was a burning in my lungs. I thought “just do this, you have the whole day to recover”.

I did it. I am happy and know I will be able to do better. Not in a “jeez I should have run faster” kind of way. I am just more confident now, in my running and in general.

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  1. Hi there, well done on the quick time. I had to do a time trial for the Michelle Bridges 12wbt and i think my 1km was just under 6minutes, but man it almost killed me. I’d love to run that fast over distance, to do 10km in under 60 again would be brilliant!! Good luck. xx

  2. I agree with Kat here, believing in yourself is definitely half the fight and now you know that you can do it you will do it again ๐Ÿ™‚

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