Back in the habit.


Many wax lyrical about motivation and willpower.

Motivation and willpower are completely overrated.

Like any big effort is 99% Perspiration, 1% inspiration, I would say it is also 99% habit, 1% motivation and/or willpower.

Motivation and Willpower are the skinny pair of sass and bide jeans that barely cover your arsecrack, Habit is a comfy pair of tracky pants that you happily change into after a day of hauling up your tight jeans.

M and W are the test you cram for and worry about having failed, H is the movie you can quote verbatim.

M and W are the annual rego (or insert other big cost here) bills which you scrimp and save for, H is the weekly $10 from your direct debit for your gym membership.

M and W are the hare, H is the tortoise.

M and W are like a surf beach and H is like a calm little bay.

Being overwhelmingly creatures of habit, it is far easier to default to this than to rely on motivation and willpower.

This is what I have learned. For good and for bad.

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  1. Absolutely! M&W are something you can only keep up for the short term – it’s like exercising at 90% of your maximum heart rate. H is what gives you the ability to pull out M&W when you absolutely need them.

  2. Yep, if I have to make sure I do something I have to tie it to something I already do- ie doing my physio at the park when I walk the dog, taking my fish oil when I clean my teeth.

  3. I think I have to respectfully disagree with this post. In fact I think I may have waxed lyrical about motivation and willpower myself on my post today. I think that you can only make something become a habit through a lot of motivation and willpower. Even when things become a habit the need for some motivation and willpower still exists to maintain that habit, less, but still some. So M&W are 100% neccessary for me anyway, rather than overrated. Just my two cents.

  4. It was certainly habit that got me running on a cold and shitty morning today coz I certainly wasn’t motivated to do it!

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