Cold – fixed.

Hot water system – fixed.

Nutrition – on the mend.

Soup – made.

Socks – sorted.

So I need to relax that I have not done much exercise this week, have not had the time, have been crook, but I did get in a fast and furious gym session yesterday, before teaching all day and then going in to work to have a difficult conversation with a family….so yesterday was pretty tiring. I slept rather poorly last night, and spent the arvo sleeping rather than exercising, but I did not feel too bad about this.

As an aside, I have all this fab makeup, but previous efforts to apply it in any fancy way resembles those of a 2 year old. So I watched some you-tube tutes on smokey eyes etc, and just fiddled around. Very therapeutic. I took some photos with my new Pentax i10 camera which has all kinds of funky effects. Here are some of the results

who says you can't play up the lips and the eyes?

using the contrast function, I look like I am concentrating

I hope to get out for a run tomorrow. In the morning. Before an 8am start. Because if I don’t do it in the morning, it doesn’t happen!

Have a good week, sparklers.

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