Back on the grid.


Wednesday: Caught plane to Singapore – Jetstar Star Class. Not quite business class, but better than economy. Best of all, we got to go into the business class lounge. They had breakfast stuff there! And free grog (not that we partook of it at 10 am – just sayin’). We also got a nice glass of champers when we boarded the plane (well, it would be rude to refuse, no?)

Who was in the seat next to me but one of my old physiology lecturers from 2nd year uni. What can I say? Bombastic cranky old bastard then, bombastic cranky old bastard (probably with alcohol withdrawal judging by the way he skolled the champers) now. He was on his way to a conference. He was “friendly” but banging on about all this research he has done and how all the other stuff is crap. I tried to change the subject by asking him what he was doing now semi retired. He owned a winery. I told him about my running/marathon aspirations and he said “well, that’s just stupidity”.

I moved next to my colleague who had seat free next to her.

We got fed really well. I did not eat all of it, but partook of the wine and dessert baileys as offered, because alcohol makes long-haul flights and airports eminently more tolerable.

We got picked up from the airport in a Merc E class – it was a great car, I tried to put the seat back by finding the handle thingy but there was a whizzbang electronic button for that. Best of all was Nanda, the fellow who picked us up, who showed us everything and told us about Singapore, that they don’t speak English, the speak Singlish.

Then on to the Marriott, a beautiful hotel on Orchard road. We briefly checked out the shopping mall over the road, but had little time. We had dinner and the obligatory singapore sling.

The bed was the comfiest I had ever slept on, like sleeping on a cloud. It was a king size bed. The brekky buffet was THE BEST I had ever seen, but I refrained from having a 3 course brekky like I have been known to do before.

It was a day full of meetings, then back to the airport. More free wine in the biz class lounge….. I was too tired to shop. Oh, apart from the camera bought on the way to the departure gate. 🙂

Touched down at 0630, quickly through customs etc (I only had carry on luggage) and home by just after 7, I saw hubby before he went to work. Snooze, then work.

No exercise, lots of grog and not very healthy food (but not in excessive quantities), I need to get back on the straight and narrow. More than that, I want to get back on the striaght and narrow. I felt really fidgety during the meeting! I am also a bit sick of vino!

I think the good nutrition prior to going away helped me get over my cold – usually I am down with a chesty cough for a week after a cold, but I think the all the omega 3s have helped with that. My heartburn had gotten better (by contrast, I am feeling it now!)

Our hot water system has gone on the blink, we have somebody coming to look at it tomorrow. I just rang the number on the hot water heater, at 6:30 pm on a Friday, got somebody on the 2nd ring, no being put on hold, who said that he could come out tomorrow. Wow. That was painless. Guess if I want a warm shower tomorrow morning, I will have to go to the gym.

Teaching all tomorrow, then having mum around for dinner. Long run for Sunday.

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  1. Wow, Singapore Blitzkrieg!

    Snap on the cloud bed, that is exactly what I call hotel beds, great big beautiful fluffy clouds, I love them! Except the pillows are always too pillowy for me and I end up sleeping on a folded up towel.

    Well done on strength in the face of a buffet breakfast, that is a test, you are a new woman.

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