New shooz.


I took myself off to Shoe Logic today. I can really recommend them, the salesman, Bryce, was really good.

We did the whole video gait analysis and he was not impressed with the Trances, I was quite shocked by how much I rolled in; no wonder I had sore ankles after R4TK!

He tried me in some of the new Brooks Adrenalines, which have the new DNA technology, really bouncy.

Then he got me in some Mizuno Wave Nirvanas. Oh My God they felt really secure. I got them more out of sheer curiosity, they really cradled my hindfoot well.

Best of all, they get me out of the orthotics! Here they are! They even gave me $20 off!

Wave Nirvana 7 (W)

Yesterday, I found out there was a Lululemon athletica outlet, so I went there. Most Lululemon stuff is really expensive, but I got some stuff there. Mainly undergarments. Undies in technical material, anyone?

Also got a Dean Karnazes book, 50 marathons in 50 days. Yes I bought it retail, at A&R. Could probably have bought it at half the price over the internets.

Tomorrow, hopefully, a slow endurance run, will take the new shooz out for a spin. I have a bit of a cold; have bought some hippy Ease a cold tablets, hopefully they help.

The weather here is JUST GORGEOUS at the moment. It will turn foul next week. Sigh.

Hubby and I watched the wedding last night, I thought I was just going to watch the frock, but we were sucked into the whole thing. I LOVED Kate’s dress, it was magnif. It gave her hips. Pippa looked gorgeous also. Carole looks like a hot bird for her age; bet Wills is happy as he gets to look into the future!

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  1. I have been running in Mizuno shoes for years, I reckon they are the best shoes on the market. Now you know which ones to buy and what is your correct size you need to shop here –

    My latest pair of Precisions should have been $240.00 even with PayPals spot rate I paid $92.00 with priority despatch, bargain.

  2. 😆 I just called ease a colds hippy shit on FB before I read this post

    I LOVED the dress, was uber Grace Kelly who still wins the prize for most beautiful bride ever. I saw the pics of the get away in the Aston Martin today, noice touch.

    I’ve got some tech fabric undies that I bought from a US site, it’s just crazy that they aren’t easier to get, logically you want to be in tech gear from the inside out really, there nothing worse that soggy undies!

  3. Yeah like Em said, what’s the point of tech clothes with cotton knickers underneath. I do like the running skirts with built in knickers.

  4. My first ever pair of runners were Mizuno Nirvanas, they are a nice shoe. I watched the wedding too, I hope they are happier than his parents were!

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